Children Dental Care

Children Dental Care

Everton Park Dental sees many children as patients. We see patients as young as 2 years old.

The importance of promoting good oral hygiene practices in children at as young an age as possible is paramount. Routines are very important for children in many areas, and oral hygiene is no different.


Seeing the dentist regularly at recommended appointments is important, but just as important is the work done at home that is guided by the parents. Everton Park Dental can assist with this.

Children adopting the right behaviours early in their life ultimately mean they should have fewer dental problems later in life.

As a specialist in children’s dental, Everton Park Dental is committed to providing the absolute best oral healthcare for your family. We know that when it comes to your kids, you want a children’s dentist Brisbane locals trust. That’s why you come to us!

We help kids feel comfortable at the dentist with friendly staff and gentle dentistry practices. Again, good oral hygiene is essential for everyone, especially for children. So, we want to be the kid’s dentist Brisbane families love to visit.

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