Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental Services in Everton Park

Don’t neglect your oral health care- even the smallest issue can be detrimental to your overall health!

If you have a dental emergency contact our friendly team at (07)3355 7936 to make your appointment.

Types of Dental Emergencies We Can Assist With

Severe toothache

Knocked out teeth

Broken, fractured or chipped teeth

Lost fillings and crowns

Dental trauma


Wisdom teeth impaction

How to handle dental emergencies:


Dental emergencies are important and leaving a dental issue to grow, can cause bigger problems in the future. 

Toothaches are common, however we cannot neglect the pain and sometimes, emergency treatment is needed. Neglecting dental problems, whether big or small, can have serious implications, including cavities, severe pain and perhaps a  more costly dental procedures in the future.

No matter how you sustained a dental injury, it is important to consult an emergency dentist straight away!
There are ways you can handle a dental emergency while waiting to receive professional treatment. 



Toothaches have a wide variety of causes, from teeth grinding, to gum disease, that’s why it’s important to consult both a dentist and doctor if you’re having significant, consistent tooth pain, as there could be something wrong with your overall health. 

Taking paracetamol (Panadol) or Ibuprofen (Nurofen) can reduce pain and inflammation. You can also apply a cold compression on the outside of your cheeks on the affected area.

Missing Tooth

If your tooth has been knocked out by a sporting incident, or just by biting something too hard, we recommend holding it by the crown (visible part of the tooth when in your mouth) and gently rinse any dirt or debris away from the root.

As soon as possible, we recommend you place your tooth in a small cup of milk as this will encourage cell growth and minimise the risk of the tooth dying. Contact one of our friendly dentists here at Everton Park Dental immediately – the sooner the tooth can be reinserted in your mouth, the better chance that it can be saved. 

Lost filling or crown

If you’ve lost a crown, rinse the inside and reattach it using tooth cement- which is available at most pharmacies, or you can also use petroleum jelly for a temporary fix.

Do not use any glue that is not designed for dental use – this can cause more issues.

Its best to contact your dentist straight away as a crownless tooth or missing filling can become painful and worse over time, and your tooth may be weaker than your other teeth.

Who to contact if I incur a dental emergency?

Everton park dental is always available for any of your dental emergencies. We are open six days a week and have late night bookings upon requests. If you have any dental emergencies, contact us on (07)3355 7936

FAQ – Covid-19 & Emergency

Yes, it is safe to visit the dentist, as long as you do NOT meet epidemiological or clinical risk factors for Covid-19.

Australian dental practitioners have the highest infection control stands in the world. At Everton Park Dental, we follow these strict guidelines outlined by the Dental Board of Australia.

Under current Level 1 restrictions, we can safely treat patients for all services, while taking extra precautions where necessary.

Safety and hygiene have always been our top priorities. During Covid-19, we are putting extra measures into place to protect our patients, staff and facility.

This includes:

  • Modifying certain procedures to avoid spatter
  • Thoroughly disinfecting our dental chairs and equipment between each appointment
  • Regularly disinfecting all common areas
  • Thoroughly washing our hands in between each appointment
  • Providing hand sanitiser available for our patients

We are currently under Level 1 regulations, which means we can safely treat for all dental services under standard precautions.

Yes, Telehealth consultations are available via phone or video chat. Teledentistry offers a convenient and efficient way to consult with your dentist from the comfort and safety of your own home.

In these consultations, we can provide advice, deliver assessments and monitor treatments.

If you require urgent dental treatment and you DO meet epidemiological or clinical risk factors for Covid-19 or have a confirmed case, it is important that you inform us on (07) 3355 7936.

We can arrange late night appointments upon request. Please call us on (07) 3355 7936.

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