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Whilst most generic mouthguards provide a standard level of protection, there are several common issues with over the counter products, such as discomfort and poor fit. By taking impressions of your teeth, our custom fitting process eliminates many of these problems.

Custom fitted mouthguards offer a far superior protection and comfort over an ‘over-the-counter’ alternative. This allows athletes to perform at their peak without being concerned about the mouthguard moving or inhibiting breathing ability and communication.

Using a set of dental impressions taken on your first visit, each of our custom mouthguards is uniquely designed and built on-site. There are many safety benefits to using a custom mouthguard during sporting activity, as shown below.

mouthguard ADA1

Source – Australian Dental Association (

Need a special colour?

Our custom sports mouthguards are available in all your team’s colours too.

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