The holiday period is fast approaching and this means an increase of sugary treats and drinks. From lollies, to desserts and even soft drinks and other sweet beverages it is a time of feasting on delicious, but usually unhealthy foods. 

Sugar is a core component in all those delicious treats which can lead to tooth decay and other damage to our teeth. Cavities are heavily influenced by the food we eat and how well we take care of our teeth and both adults and children are susceptible to cavities. 

There are a number of methods that you and your dentists can undertake to prevent any potential issues. 

Preventative Care

reventative treatment is essential for you overall health, including your oral health. Although the holiday period is a busy time for everyone, regular dental visits are the key to a healthy mouth, as they allow you to identify any small dental problems before they become a real issue. 

Preventative care includes regular cleans, sealants, fluoride, and x-rays.
Swap processed and artificial sugars for natural sugars.
Although all types of sugars cause damage to your teeth, however, fresh fruit is a healthier alternative to artificial or processed foods. 

Sugar-free options

Another way to prevent cavities this holiday period is to use sugar-free options for some of your much loved treats. 

Choosing sugar-free options  allows you to indulge a little more while your teeth stay damage free. 

Limit the sweets

All kids big and small love sugary sweets, but this Christmas try limiting the amount of sweets and the frequency of the sweets.
All foods can be eaten in moderation and the holiday period is a time of celebration, so let yourself indulge a little. 

Advent calendars are perceived to be bad as they promote eating chocolate daily, however they are a great way to teach kids to eat sweets in moderation and at a similar time of day. 

A small chocolate a day is ok if you’re keeping up your oral health care routine. 

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