Take Advantage of the School Holidays… 

Children's dentist Everton Park

… and book a dentist appointment for a thorough check-up of your children’s oral health. 

The team at Everton Park Dental invites you to catch up on your family’s dental care these school holidays. While we generally see more of our younger patients during the holidays, there are a lot of families who overlook the convenience of booking their appointments during this period. But it really is a perfect time, especially for busy families with school-aged children.

Reasons to schedule your family’s dental appointments

If you’re not yet convinced, here are five big reasons why you should schedule your family’s dental appointments now, during the break.

1. You Will Feel Less Rushed

With school out of the picture, there is a six-hour window of time you can now use to get things done together with your children. It’s the perfect opportunity to schedule appointments for the kids at a time that actually works for you. It could be the first thing, after a sleep-in or even at lunchtime while you are on break from work! Take your pick of a dental check-up appointment time that isn’t during rush hour. If you require a longer appointment for a treatment or a consultation for multiple children, this might also be the easiest time. 

2. No Need To Take Leave or Time Off School

By booking children’s dentistry appointments during the holidays, you can make sure that no member of your family needs to miss out on school or work commitments. Including yourself, save up your paid leave for your next family holiday and get your family’s health checks done now, between school terms. 

3. Book All Your Kids’ Appointments In One Go 

Usually, the best time to coordinate appointments for everyone in the family is at the same time. And if you are a multiple-person household or big family, chances are that the school holidays are one of the rare times where most members are free at the same time. Whether it’s everyone in one appointment, or multiple appointments for different kids over a few days, the holidays are a great time to get on top of everyone’s health checkups.

4. Take The Family Out For A Treat Afterwards

The best part about booking your kid’s dental check-ups during the holidays? You can treat yourselves to a family activity or meal afterwards! As well as being an opportunity to bond with your family, this can also help your kids to think of their dental care and health routines in a positive light. Encouraging good dental care habits in children from a young age is beneficial for children’s preventative dental care and may help to reduce the chances of them developing dental anxiety or phobias. 

5. Take Advantage Of Everton Park Dental’s Current New Patients Offer

At Everton Park Dental, we are currently offering new patients a special discount for their first appointment. This includes:

  • 1-hour comprehensive consultation with a dentist
  • Dental Check-Up
  • Scale and Clean

All for the price of just $198!

This offer can be redeemed by any new patient who visits our Everton Park dental clinic. So why not use some of your free time during these holidays to book your child’s next dental check-up with our children’s dentist for a discounted price?

Book An Appointment With Our Kids Dentist in Everton Park

Everton Park Dental is a local family practice focused on providing high-quality dental care for children. With our comprehensive range of children’s dental services, we are skilled in helping kids feel comfortable at the dentist with our friendly staff and gentle dentistry practices. 

To book a dental check-up for kids at our Everton Park dental clinic, you can contact us at (07) 3355 7936 or book an appointment online. We look forward to seeing you during these holidays!